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What is CrossFit?FAQs for Beginners

What is CrossFit?


CrossFit is many things. Primarily, it’s a fitness regimen developed by Coach Greg Glassman over several decades.

In 2003, he started a blog that would spur a revolution in the fitness industry. The contents were simple: the date, a picture, the Workout of the Day (WOD), and usually some provocative nugget of information.

Anyone with an Internet connection and the willingness, curiosity and bravery to try it, could.

CrossFit is a regimen of constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity in a communal environment leads to health and fitness.  The communal aspect is a key component of why it’s so effective.


FAQs for Beginners

Is CrossFit Sioux Falls right for you?

If there’s something we haven’t addressed here feel free to reach out to us.

Don't I need to be in shape to do CrossFit?

Of course not.  Even though you probably only know CrossFit from ESPN or some other high profile competition, remember that you’re seeing only the elite athletes of the sport competing in our version of the US Open.  Most first time CrossFitters are just average people looking to change their health routines, not to compete.  In fact it’s not uncommon for new members to fail at doing a single pull up.  In a matter of weeks you’ll be doing things you never thought possible.

Is everything in a group setting?

Yes, CrossFit uses a group training format.  This aspect of CrossFit is a distinctive element in our training protocol.  Think of it more as practice not a class.  CrossFit is a sport, and sports require skill development, conditioning , coaching and competition.

What types of classes do you offer?

The majority of our classes are CrossFit WODs (workout of the day).  In addition, we offer scheduled options for those interested in Endurance, Competitive CrossFit (advanced) and Barbell Club where the session is focused exclusively on Olympic lifting technique.  If interested, ask about our CrossFit Kids options we offer seasonally.

Do you offer couples memberships?

Couples memberships are designed for spouses or significant others living in the same household to both share the benefits of CrossFit. We only allow 1 discount per membership but do adjust to provide you the greatest savings at current prices.

What is Open Gym?

Open Gym is a scheduled time when the gym is open to members to use our facility outside of a class structure.   Our only restriction is NO rope climbing, and we request that you check with us before working on overhead barbell and max lifts. For Unlimited Memberships, it is included and for Part-time memberships it counts as a session. You must sign-in online for Open Gym just as you do classes.

I do not like the WOD for today. Can I do something else?

While we want every member to accomplish their own goals, during class times you must either do the Posted WOD or a trainer adjusted or scaled WOD based on that day’s workout.  We also offer open gym times for members to work out on their own.

Can I bring my kids with me?

Childcare is provided Daily in specific classes. Check our schedule for times. When Childcare is provided, all kids regardless of age must be checked into childcare. No kids are allowed on the gym floor during class times.

If your child is mature enough to be ok on their own, they can hang out in the childcare area during any class.

To accommodate all kids, no snacks will be allowed in the childcare area unless in a supervised manner.

Is CFSF female friendly?

People are very surprised to learn that many CrossFit affiliates have more women members than men.  That’s true of CFSF.  Strong is the new skinny.  The other question asked frequently is about bulk.  “Won’t I get big?”  Just show up at any of our classes and take a look around for yourself.  There is no confusing the women with the men.

What's a typical day like?

First, you choose the class time for your workout.  Try to arrive a few minutes early.  Some people change clothes before arriving, others change in one of our two restrooms.  The whole hour, yes we use the full hour, is outlined on the white board in 3 sections:

  1. Warm Up: The first 10 minutes are on your own.  Our coaches outline a warmup routine suitable for that day’s workout.  Depending on the class, there’s plenty of hello’s and socializing and all around good time (Nooners!).
  2. Skill/Strength: Your coach will pull everyone together and begin a group stretch and warm up.  This leads into the Skill/Strength part of the hour.  This could be barbell work or another skill practice like handstand walk or muscle up progressions.
  3. WOD:  The Workout of the Day.  These are scored.  This could be something like a 7 to 10 minute gasser or a 20 minute AMRAP  (as many rounds/reps as possible).  Think, various combinations of jumping rope, barbell lifts, kettle bell swings, running, rowing, handstand pushups, burpees…you get the idea.  Every movement has a scaled version to match your fitness level.
Isn't it expensive?

A CrossFit training program is the best value available.  Truly.  In the end, it’s about results and finding something you can make a lifestyle instead of a chore you have to do.   At CFSF you have a team of coaches and the accountability of like minded peers that make the difference between success and failure.  How do you place a value on that?  A personal trainer isn’t sustainable long term and costs at least $40 an hour.

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