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Located in the heart of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, CFSF is team of dedicated members and coaches committed to making your training and conditioning empowering, possible, and rewarding. Take a look around the site and take the first step toward your goals.

Our coaches are committed to the success of each member.  CrossFit Sioux Falls has created a training system that includes world class coaching that is inclusive for everyone from competitive athletes to weekend warriors to complete novices that consists of CrossFit workouts, Olympic lifting and endurance work like rowing and running.

You choose the path that matches your abilities and goals.  In only 12 weeks you will begin to notice the transformation, both physically and mentally.

Our system has a structure in place that imposes expectations, accountability and encouragement.

“What I love most about CrossFit Sioux Falls is the community, camaraderie, challenge and becoming stronger than i ever thought possible … The friendships I have acquired through CrossFit Sioux Falls are the best and are sure to last a lifetime.”

Angela Hoff – member since ’12

“Either way, it’s my hour of the day where nothing matters except the weight in front of me and the WOD. I know that CFSF is the place that I won’t be judged or mocked for any reason.”

-Chris Bohlen, member since 2012

“CrossFit Sioux Falls is, without question, the most positive and supportive fitness community I’ve ever been a part of. Working with that group of coaches and athletes forces me to get better, every day.”

Deane Barker -member since ’13

“To me CrossFit is a close knit community of people who enjoy continually pushing themselves and others harder then the average person to achieve their goals inside and out of the gym.”

Dave Healy -member since 2012

Wish I started years ago!

A Common Thought After A Few Months In the CFSF Community

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Molly Lorenzen – CFSF Athlete of the Month – November

Molly Lorenzen – CFSF Athlete of the Month – November

Congratulations to our November Athlete of the Month, Molly Lorenzen.  If you haven't met Molly in the gym, search her out and introduce yourself.  You do not want to miss out on meeting an amazing girl.  Molly primarily comes morning classes, and she is such a great...

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Paul Ridgeway – CFSF Athlete of the Month – September

Paul Ridgeway – CFSF Athlete of the Month – September

Congratulations to our September Athlete of the Month, Paul Ridgeway.  If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting Paul in the gym, you should seek him out as it is most sure to be a positive encounter.  He is one of the most genuine, funny and caring guy you will ever...

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CFSF August Athlete of the Month – Jody Larson

CFSF August Athlete of the Month – Jody Larson

Congratulations to our August Athlete of the Month Jody Larson.  Jody is always showing up to the gym with a great attitude and a big smile on his face.  Jody is also ready for anything and everything we can throw at him.  It has been great to see how much he has...

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