Two weeks ago I had the privilege to attend a CrossFit Kids Certification at CrossFit Park City in Utah.  It was a great experience.  Being the mother of 5 kids and a CrossFit coach,  I thought I knew a lot about teaching, helping and coaching kids.  Guess what … I wrong.  Though I do have knowledge, kids are not adults and they learn much differently, not to mention they are all about fun. Playing games and running in circles is exercise to young children while  lifting weights and looking and feeling strong is exercise as they grow to teens.

I have always been involved in fitness, and I have always wanted my kids to be involved in sports and fitness as well.  Our boys love basketball and they live to play the game.  In order for them to love CrossFit I have to relate CrossFit with basketball, much the same way we try to relate CrossFit to regular life with our adults.  We want to train our kids to not just be good at sports but be good at life in general.

I have seen especially in my own kids and other kids that have done CrossFit Kids how much it not only helps them in sports but in life.  Self esteem and self confidence  is something that many kids lack these day.  CrossFit is a great way to build confidence and self esteem.  Many kids come into the gym and are just like our adults; they are scared and wonder what are we going to do to them.  Once they start learning how to do box jumps, climb ropes, do pull ups on there own, their whole attitude changes.  They want more and more; their confidence just shoots right through the roof.

We ran entire summer program and saw great development in over 40 kids.  We continue onward now at 4:30pm Tuesday and Thursday reaching both new and experience CrossFit Junior Athletes through our kids program.  Those parents who have had children in CrossFit Kids, what changes have you seen in them?  How has their personality or behavior changed since doing the program?  What other insight can you share?

Here is a great article about how CrossFit Kids can not only help kids with body image and self esteem but it can also help with studying and brain functions.  There are CrossFit gyms right now doing studies about how CrossFit can stimulate brain functions and help kids with there school work if the school work is done right after a hard CF workout.  Read more about it from this CrossFit Journal article…

Training the Brain

 Skill and Strength
90 Sec 6 Sets
2 Pause Snatch Deadlift
1 Low Hang Snatch
Workout of the Day
1 Min Strict ME Pull Ups
-rest 1 min-
Run 200
5 Hang Power Cleans
-rest 1 min-
1 Min ME Strict Chin Ups