February Attendance Challenge Winners-
Full-Time 1st Place – Jenny Kalo
Full Time 2nd Place – Ben Swan
Part-Time 1st Place – Ben Peterson
Part-Time 2nd Place – Aaron Canfield
*Congratulations to all of our participants and everyone who worked hard in the month of February; keep up the great work in the upcoming months. Winners can collect there prizes in the coaches office on Tuesday. 

I am so proud and happy to let you all know our hard work paid off.  This week we will be giving Nancy McMahon, Ethan’s mom a check for $5,124 written to the Ethan McMahon Memorial Foundation.  CrossFit Sioux Falls is able to give such a great donation because of you, all of our members and your dedication to fitness and our community.  Many of you met Nancy on Friday night; she participated in 3 of the major workouts that evening.  I felt so privileged to have her in the gym not just attending the event, but working out side by side with us all.

Reminder tomorrow is the beginning of our class time change; instead of 5:30am and 6:30am, we will now have 5am and 6am morning classes.  This is a one month trial initially.  We believe it will have benefits for all, yet will evaluate the impact on our members, community and classes before making this a permeant change.  As always, we strive that everything we do benefits as many of you as possible.