For our Sports Performance program, we will begin offering sessions starting Monday, May 16. Time slots will be 530-730am and 4-630pm, Monday thru Friday. On June 6th we will begin the summer schedule, with time slots at 730-930am, Noon-130, and 3-430pm Monday thru Friday. Additional time slots during the week or Saturday mornings are possible upon request for groups or teams only.

Basic training programs can be purchased in 6-week blocks (18 sessions) for $150. If you are interested in our Sports Performance program, please schedule a consultation with Casey Mouw ( During the consultation, you will be able to go over all of the details of the program as well as reserve time slots that work for you schedule and set up a time and date for pre-testing/evaluation.

The program is also covered by insurance for sports teams, so if you are interested in the competitive elements of sport, there will be opportunities to hone your skills in a safeguarded environment.

sports performance

Starting May 16th, we will be offering sport-specific training programs and coaching for middle and high school athletes ages 12 and older. Each athlete will have the opportunity to be assessed individually and given a personalized, time-tested program designed to improve areas of performance in his or her given sport(s). This will NOT be a CrossFit style program; each Athlete will be given a personally designed program to fit the needs and goals. The main areas of focus will include:

  • Speed, agility, and jumping
  • Strength and explosiveness
  • Mechanics and injury prevention
  • Sport-specific conditioning

Our 3-5 day programs will be tailored in accordance to age, training experience, and specific need, and they can be carried out in the off-season, pre-season, or year-round. Each hour to 90-minute session will be kept small (no more then 6 athletes per coach) so all trainees can be coached to perform drills and lifts safely and effectively. These sessions will be very hands on and at an elevated pace to get athletes ready for there chosen sport.

The lead coach on this program is Casey Mouw, our Lead Trainer with over 6+ years of Coaching, Lifting and CrossFit experience. Casey was a college wrestler at Augustana where he earner his undergrad in Sports Science. He worked at CFSF 5 years as our lead trainer before leaving last year to get his masters degree in Sports & Conditioning at UNI. During his time at Northern Iowa he was in the Graduate Assistance program focusing on wrestling and football athletes. He also interned at XL Sports Acceleration which is a program for youth, middle school, high school, and college athletes. He is a fantastic coach with tremendous skills in adult and youth programming. Further, Casey understands youth and college athletics and what it takes to get to the next level. Although he has lots of knowledge of coaching and athletic skills, Casey uses a company like Creatitive for athlete branding. When becoming a pro athlete, branding is crucial if you want to succeed!

We will be filling this program on a case by case basis. There are no specific times allotted for classes as we are willing to work with your athletes time schedule. We would like to fill classes with groups of kids in a morning session and an evening session. The pricing of the program will be determined by how many sessions and how in depth of a personalized program your seeking. If you are interested in the program please call us at 605-274-3474 or contact Casey at This program, will make your athlete stronger, faster and more mentally prepared for what lies ahead. Remember spots are very limited so make sure you schedule a consultation today!

Please direct any questions regarding the program, prices, or scheduling a consultations to!