Kids doing box jumps and hang cleans

How important is it to get our kids moving and active not only during the summer but especially throughout the school year?  This is  a great article from the CF Journal about how exercise influences our kids brain functions.    You know how CrossFit makes you feel it can also have those same great benefits for your kids.  Building self-esteem, strength, brain power, and overall health.  Get your kids involved in CrossFit kids today we are planning on rolling our program over into the school year so our kids can have the benefits of CrossFit and fitness throughout the whole year.  Check out the full article in the CF Journal CrossFit and Kids:  Training The Brain!

Skill and Strength
Rope Climb progressions
Handstand Walk Progressions

Workout of the Day
3 Rounds
1 Min ME Handstand Walk
1 Min ME Rope Climbs
* Rest as needed

20 Min AMRAP
3 Power Snatches (115/65)
5 Toes to Bar
7 Push Ups
9 Box Jumps
Run 200 Meters