Orange Shorts Thursday

* Everyone please check out the lost and found box anything left after this week will be taken to Good Will* *We now have a CFSF APP it makes it super easy to sign in for class download it off our website top right have corner you will see MOBILE APP*

*Sign up for “Fittest of the Falls 2″ is live and active go to our MindBody and register to be a part of this amazing event.  This year it is going to be Bigger and Better then ever before!

*We will be having another Intro to CrossFit class starting on Monday July 15th if you are interested or no someone who is please email us or call to get registered space is very limited!

 Skill and Strength:

Rope Climb Progressions
1. Lay down arms only
2. Foot Clamp review
3. Jump, clamp, stand
4. 4,3,2- clamp climb

HS Walk Progressions
1. Kick up to HS on Wall
2. Wall Climbs
3. HS walk into Wall
4. HS Walk away from wall
5. HS Walk

Kids doing Junk Yard Dog

Workout of the Day
AMRAP 10 Min
50 -ft Handstand Walk
1 Rope Climb
* If you cannot do either of the things listed choose one of the progressions for each movement*