They are Champions! They deserve it. They fought for it. They prepared for it all season. And when preparation met opportunity, they capitalized! No it is not Week 6 of the CrossFit Games Open; it is the Memorial Basketball Tournament 2nd and 4th Grade Divisions.

My boys are in the pictures below and so are some of their best friends. Their dad happens to be in these photos as well. Moments like this make coaching special and March 31, 2012 was a special day.

Championship Trophies in Hand, SF Chargers take 1st!

In the photo above is me and likely “8-yr old me” who goes by the name Brooks. We are surrounded by some fantastic kids, some of his best friends. Most of these kids are “gym rats” in a video game world. They have played more basketball then most parents would deem rational yet likely all touched a basketball again today just for more practice. These kids have energy. They are competitors who think an ipod is fine if they are “wasting time” waiting for their next game, but would rather play “NBA Live” truly live. And they just won the Championship to end the season. Awesome job Boys! It is great to see these kids alrEady having their careers set on becoming professional basketball players when they are older. Everyone has to start somewhere and what better time to start than now. Players like Lebron and Curry all started out in a similar position. With basketball season underway, it only makes sense for anyone who takes an interest in this sport to check out a site like to play along with the games at home, by making their predictions on each team. It’s a lot of fun. They may even find a standout player that they could end up looking up to and aspiring to be just like them. This is the sort of motivation kids need these days.

Note: This is Coach Greg’s team. Coach Greg is not me; Brooks is better off learning from someone else then someone who is just like him. I just happened to coach this tournament.

SF Chargers Win Championship! Finish year 23-11.

In this photo, Carter and his teammates finished the year with another Championship! We won the game like Championship games are often won; kids step up and make plays. I was very proud of how the team played in the final couple minutes draining free-throw after pressure free-throw and making a couple tough baskets on the drive as well. It was exciting and an awesome end to a 23-11 season!
Coach is a great title, and you too can be Coach. Every morning you wake up, you have a choice to be a coach. There is someone you will cross paths with who needs a coach. Will you do it? Will you make the time? Will you make the commitment? Where will you start? When will you start? Will you ever start?

As both the CrossFit Games Open has now closed and Basketball too comes to an end, I can reflect on this entire year of coaching whether it be CrossFit or preparing for and coaching over 50 Youth basketball games…it is worth it! My boys are worth it – all teams of them!