Congratulations to our November Athlete of the Month, Molly Lorenzen.  If you haven’t met Molly in the gym, search her out and introduce yourself.  You do not want to miss out on meeting an amazing girl.  Molly primarily comes morning classes, and she is such a great member to have in the gym.  She is always positive, smiling, and making jokes.  If you are having a bad day or just not feeling like working out, partner with Moll.  She will not only push you to be better, but she will also have you laughing hysterically by the end of the workout.  Many people have no idea the setbacks Molly has had physically.  Eight months ago Molly’s right foot was paralyzed and yet she has persevered. No matter how bad her foot hurt or how weak it felt, she drug herself to CrossFit and seized the opportunity to try her best. Lots of the workouts required modifying and scaling, yet she didn’t care. Today, she has more movement and strength in her right leg. She truly believes (and so does her doctor) that she wouldn’t have as much strength back if she didn’t go to CrossFit.  Here story really is a testament to CrossFit and CFSF.  In her own words, read below for a little bit more about Molly and how she became a part of the CFSF family.

1. What is your background in athletics or briefly tell us about yourself?
I was a swimmer for 10 years and I didn’t have anything to do with athletics on dry land until I joined CrossFit.
2) How did I get started in CrossFit?
I don’t even know.. I just came in and did the workout to the best of my ability. It was pretty ugly getting started, as I had never picked up a barbell until I joined CrossFit. Once I started noticing that I was better/faster/stronger than the day or week before, I was hooked.
3) What is your favorite part about CrossFit?
Everyone is so encouraging and no matter the weight or skill level, you can tell everyone is trying their hardest. The coaches are great too, they know how to push you that extra little bit to prove to yourself you can do more than you thought.
4) How has CrossFit or working out in general changed your life?

CrossFit has changed my life immensely. Since I started, I have lost over 40 pounds. But what matters more to me is what I’ve gained. I have gained a whole lot of muscle, flexibility, confidence in myself, and mental durability.For me it’s not about being the fastest or lifting the heaviest. It’s about proving to myself that I am capable of so much more than I think I am. I NEVER thought I would be able to lift or do what I can in the gym today.

The best gain of all is translating the mental strength into my every day life. At work when I’m faced with a situation and my first thought is ‘not a chance’, I stop and think maybe I can.. and eventually it’s changed to “what can I do to make this happen”. Then I just dive in with all I’ve got, hoping for the best.

5) What made you choose CrossFit Sioux Falls?
My boyfriend and I decided we were gonna join a gym and get in shape so we checked out CFSF. The guy at the front desk (Brett) was pretty cool and it seemed legit, so we did it. And the rest is history.

6) What would you tell your before CrossFit self?
I’d tell myself to just freaking do it. Quit being afraid of something that might be a little difficult. It might just change your life.

Great Job and Congratulations on being our November Athlete of the Month Molly!

-All of us at CFSF