Congratulations to our TreadFast and CrossFit Athlete for May 2019, Mikaela Pruett.  Mikaela has been a member of TreadFast and has dabbled at times in CrossFit for over a year now.  The thing I love most about Mikaela is her personality and work ethic.  With the upbeat laugh and energy she brings with her each and everyday, you always know when Mikaela is in the gym. She may not always be on time for class but when she comes in she is ready to work.  It is always great having her in class and getting to chat about kids.  And, seeing how far and fast she has become through her running and strength training in TreadFast and CrossFit style workouts is just fantastic.  Keep up the great work Mikaela!
1.  What is your background in athletics or briefly tell us about yourself (wife, kids, etc.)?
I am married to Mitch Pruett and we have 4 kids.  Michael is 15, Caroline is 11, Charlie is 8 and Wesley is 4.  For many of those childbearing years working out just didn’t exist for me!  I would try a few classes here and there, but was never consistent with anything.
2.  How did you get started in CrossFit/TreadFast?
I started coming to TreadFast because of Mitch and a couple of girlfriends that are all CF members.  He had been a long time CrossFit member and he had always been trying to get me to join CF but I just didn’t think it was for me.  So, when they started TreadFast I thought that was something I could get into and I have really enjoyed it!
3.  What is your favorite part about CrossFit/TreadFast?
I love the loud music and the dimmed lights!  I also love the variety that TreadFast offers.  Besides the running part, I am pretty sure I had never attempted any of the other movements before, like slam balls, kettle bell swings etc…  It makes lifting weights far more fun!
4.  How has CrossFit/TreadFast or working out in general changed your life?
Coming to TreadFast for the past year has made me feel stronger and just feel good about myself!  It also makes eating cheeseburgers and drinking wine a little less guilty!
5.  What made you choose CrossFit Sioux Falls/TreadFast Running?
I used to be a runner in high school and I had done a couple of marathons in my younger years.   I have always enjoyed running and so joining TF was a great way to get back to running and incorporate weights too.
6.  What would you tell your before CrossFit/TreadFast self?
I would tell myself that actually having some muscle and weighing more is okay and that it’s healthy, and that it’s really all about how you feel!  I would also say, “why did you wait until you were in your 40’s to do this!”
Mikaela, Great Job and Congratulations on being chosen our May Athlete of the Month!
-All of us at CFSF and TreadFast Running