Members FAQs

Answers to common member questions

We have been working hard to make CFSF the best place to train in
Sioux Falls.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime if you have any
questions, suggestions or comments:  info@crossfitsiouxfalls, or stop by
and grab Liza or any one of our trainers and they will steer you to the answer.

I am going to be away from the gym for a while, can I pause my membership?

If you have an Unlimited Membership and will be away from the gym for more than 10 consecutive days during your billing cycle, we are happy to make a pro-rated adjustment on your next month’s dues. If you are a Part-time Member we are happy to add up to 3 unused sessions to your next month cycle to enable you to get after it upon return.

Your billing dates stay the same, but you get compensation via the extra classes for your time away. PLEASE NOTE: This option is available for each member 1-time per every 12 billing cycles. Please notify us at least 10-days before your departure so we can plan adjustments to your account.

Are there any restrictions on couples memberships?

Couples memberships are designed for spouses or significant others living in the same household to both share the benefits of CrossFit. We only allow 1 discount per membership but do adjust to provide you the greatest savings at current prices.

What are the details of Open Gym?

Open Gym is just that; open to members only to use our facility. Our only restriction is NO rope climbing and Overhead Barbell and Max Lifts by approval only. For Unlimited Memberships, it is included and for Part-time memberships it counts as a session. As we are trying this option out on a limited basis, you must sign-in online for Open Gym just as you do classes to verify Open Gym is available each time. Please be respectful of our trainers during Open Gym as they too may be working out or getting work done during this time and not available for training members.

I do not like the WOD for today. Can I do whatever I want instead?

While we want every member to accomplish their own goals, during class times you must either do the Posted WOD or a Trainer Adjusted WOD based on that day’s workout. There are many reasons for this and if you have an issue, please speak with us direct. As mentioned, we are more than happy to modify daily workouts based on individual need.

Do my kids have to use your Childcare?

Childcare is provided Daily in specific classes. Check our schedule for times. When Childcare is provided, all kids regardless of age must be checked into childcare. No kids are allowed on the gym floor during class times.

To accommodate all kids, no snacks will be allowed in the childcare area unless in a supervised manner.

What is your membership cancellation policy?

Cancellation Policy – Really, we make it easy, but here are the details. After your initial 3-month commitment, you membership changes to a month-to-month billing cycle and you can cancel at your own free will. You must cancel at least 30-days before your next billing cycle to avoid being charged for the next month. You must cancel in person via signature confirmation on your original contract at CrossFit Sioux Falls office located at 3505 S. Phillips Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57105. Please note: Membership cannot be cancelled via email, voicemail, phone call, instant message, text message, Facebook, or any other digital method.

Are there any restrictions on Unlimited Memberships?

I have an Unlimited Membership. Can I CrossFit all day?
You can certainly come to more than 1 WOD a day if you can handle it, but to allow your body some recovery in between, we do require a 3-hour minimum time lapse between the finish of your 1st class and the start of your 2nd class. Your body will thank you.

To accommodate all members, ENDURANCE is limited to 3x a week maximum for all members.

What classes are included in my membership?

Your CrossFit membership includes all CrossFit workouts, ENDURANCE workouts and Olympic Lifting WODs (AKA Barbell Club). You can also attend Open Gym just as you would a session when it is available.

Please note: ENDURANCE is limited to 3x a week to accommodate all members