March is member appreciation month at CFSF.  As such, we will be highlighting one of our members each week, allowing them to share some of their experiences here at the gym.

This weeks member spotlight is Mike Heineman.  I was here when Mike started in 2011, and I would say he was very reluctant and maybe a bit unsure of his abilities.  To say he’s improved in the time since then is a vast understatement.  If you would’ve told Mike back then what he would be able to do in 3 years time, he’d tell you you’re crazy.  Mike isn’t the type of person to tell you about it so I will, he’s a strong dude.  He’s stuck with this stuff, and it’s really changed him for the better.  Instead of walking in here reluctant, I see a guy that’s much more confident and sure of what he can do.  Thanks Mike!  -CM




How/when did you get started with CF?

I started in February 2011 after my doctor told me my options are to start working out or start taking anxiety medication. My busy season is during the winter and I was obviously having a hard time channeling my stress so I just decided to take this route.

What made you choose CFSF?

Greg and Liza are friends and great Skyforce season ticket holders so I thought it would be a good place to try. I have to admit I did pull into the parking lot 2 or 3 times and left before I actually got the courage to walk through the door.

How has the gym impacted you and your family, and how does it fit in to your life?

Crossfit has been a fun thing to do as a couple. It has given Susie and me another thing we can talk about and compete against each other. We are also able to push each other to be better too. Things rarely fit perfectly into your life, you have to make them fit into your life. If you decide to go to the gym for an hour, you have to give up doing whatever you used to do during that hour, and for me it was probably going home and turning on the Cubs game. I feel the time I spend with my kids is much better now because I have more energy than before I started crossfit. Our kids also see us being active and want to do the things we are doing.




What is your favorite part of CF?  Least favorite? 

I have two favorite parts. First is just getting an hour away from everything else and hanging out with real good people. It is so nice to put your phone in your gym bag and just focus on bettering yourself for a bit. Second is proving yourself wrong. Like most other people who start Crossfit, many of the movements were brand new to me. As I started to get more comfortable and lifting more and more weight, I am now doing things I’m sure I told myself that I would never be able to do. Least favorite part….Thursters!

What would you tell your “before CF self”?  What advice/wisdom would you give them?

To start crossfit you must be willing to leave your pride in the car. You are going to feel dumb, you aren’t going to know what to do or how to do things the right way and everyone around you is going to be lifting a whole lot more weight then you are right away. Most everyone who has started crossfit has been where you are right now. After my second workout I came home exhausted and told my wife that I was never going back to that place. The key is to stick with it. Fight through the embarrassment and ask questions. The coaches are there to help you. They pride themselves on watching us get better.