March is member appreciation month at CFSF.  As such, we will be highlighting one of our members each week, allowing them to share some of their experiences here at the gym.  This weeks member spotlight is Colette DeVos.
Colette has been a member here at CFSF a little over two years, and a lot has changed with her in that time.  When I first started coaching here, Colette just finished her first month of intro with Jeremy.  I saw a lot of potential with Colette, but maybe not as much confidence as I thought she should have.  I could tell that she still wasn’t quite sure or sold on CrossFit. I could see her questioning herself during wods and didn’t know or understand all the movements.  I totally expect that when someone first starts this journey.  Lets fast forward 2 years and I can say everything has changed with how Colette acts, works, carries herself.  I now see a very confident, strong, hardworking, tough woman, who tackles the everyday challenges head on. She is always cheering people on and helping that “new” person that walks through the door.  If you have a birthday, make sure you come to the noon class so Colette can hand out those birthday shots! 🙂  She is a perfect example of what our Community stands for and I am proud to be one of your coaches! I cant wait to see what the next few years are like, after watching you grow over the past few. Keep doing what you’re doing.
colette 2


How/when did you get started with CF?

I did the intro class with my husband Scott. It took me a little while to convince him to try it with me.

What made you choose CFSF?

I chose CrossFit Sioux Falls because I knew Liza for many years before we joined and she was always encouraging us to give it a try.

How has the gym impacted you and your family, and how does it fit in to your life?

CrossFit has changed my life in so many ways. I am stronger than I ever thought was possible. I started with the trainer bar and it was a struggle. I feel more comfortable in my own skin and feel like I’m a good role model for my 3 teenage boys. The friends and support system I have is incredible!! It’s what keeps me coming back.
colette 1

What is your favorite part of CF?  Least favorite? 

Best CrossFit moment: rope climb! Conquered fear of heights and the knowledge that at 44 I am stronger than when I was younger. Thanks for helping me get my first one.

What would you tell your “before CF self”?  What advice/wisdom would you give them?

I would tell my before CrossFit self to not worry so much about trying it. I was terrified and thought I wasn’t good enough to join. I now wish I would have joined the first time Liza mentioned it to me. I now know I am strong enough and that its just me against me!

Colette Family