Our April Member Spotlight is Chris Paa.  I’ve known and coached Chris for most of my career.  He was one of the first people to come on board when we started the weightlifting/OLY class, where I got to work 1-on-1 with him quite often.  Since that time he’s become a vital mentor to me, and he and his wife Barbara are great friends of mine.  Whether it’s strength training, sports, guns, or anything else that is cool,  Chris is the type of guy who reads and knows a little bit about everything, and can talk to you about anything.  A huge supporter of CFSF, he and Barb have both volunteered a LOT of time whenever we’ve needed it.  He’s a humble, works hard, and overall just a pleasure to be around, in and out of the gym.  Thanks for all you do Chris, Cheers.



1. How and when did you start CrossFit?

I began CFSF in May of 2010. Actually, my wife began about a week prior to me. She was looking for something different in terms of a workout and I had been reading a lot about Crossfit but was a little hesitant to try it myself so I convinced her to try it. I thought that way she could find out how difficult and painful it was first and then if she survived then I would try it later. Turns out she is a better Crossfitter than me so ultimately it did not make much difference in my success or failure.

2. What you me choose CFSF?

I initially chose CFSF because I had read a great deal about Crossfit and its methodology prior to coming but what convinced me was a co worker. He had struggled with his weight his entire life and this had lead to further health problems including high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol. I noticed that over a period of time he had lost a good deal of weight and had made some very positive changes in his life, through speaking with him I found out that he had begun Crossfitting.


3. How has CFSF impacted your family, and how does it fit into your life?

I look at my time at Crossfit as every bit as important as any appointment I have on my schedule any given day. I firmly believe that maintaining yourself physically will allow you to be more productive at work, more able to combat physical illness, and more able to deal with the day to day stress that we all deal with.

4. Favorite part?

The friends I have made over the time I have been at Crossfit. Where else would you find 40 year olds hanging out with 20 year olds and all working toward a common positive goal.

5. Least favorite?

I may complain about some movements but really I have no least favorite. I spend most of my days around people who have lost their health so I look at every WOD no matter how unpleasant as a blessing in that I am still physically capable of doing it.

6. What would you tell your “before Crossfit self”?

You are capable of so much more than you think you are.  First learn to move correctly, then learn to move correctly with weight, finally learn to move correctly with weight, quickly. I think if you follow this you will avoid the mistakes of many new Crossfitters that leads to poor technique and perhaps injuries.