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March is member appreciation month at CFSF.  As such, we will be highlighting one of our members each week, allowing them to share some of their experiences here at the gym.  This weeks member spotlight is Alex Hobbs.

Alex has been a member at CFSF for 2 years.  It has been great getting to know Alex in the gym and outside of the gym as well.  He started out as the skinny tall runner kid and in two years has transformed himself into a strong CrossFit Athlete.  Alex always comes into the gym with a smile on his face, ready to do whatever workout we throw at him.  I have loved seeing how confident he has become with his lifting and himself.   He has worked hard focusing on skill and technique work to become a better athlete.

Alex is always ready to have a great time both inside and outside of the gym and that is what makes him so fun to be around.  I have loved watching him compete in the open this year and really push himself in ways I haven’t seen before.  I truly value your friendship and all that you bring to CFSF.  I can’t imagine our community without you.  You continue to get better and better and make everyone around you a better athlete.  I can’t wait to see what the next two years is going to bring!  Liza


How/ when did you get started with CF?

I started CrossFit doing the intro program in March of 2014.

What made you choose CFSF?

I didn’t want to be a runner anymore and wanted to try something new.

How has the gym impacted you and how does it fit into your life?

I workout 5-6 times a week and CrossFit allows me the ability to eat, drink and workout with a great group of people.


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What is your favorite part of CF?  Least favorite?

Favorite Part: When your done working out or doing a competition and someone asks you “need a beer” (Typically Colette)
Least Favorite:  Thrusters

What would you tell your “before CF self” What advise/wisdom would you give them?

I would say to myself you picked the right gym!  Great People. And never drop an empty barbell, Cody will kill you..