While I refuse to admit summer is closing down (seriously there are some amazing days left through September), school is rapidly approaching.  And with school’s arrival, we transition our schedule and our offerings to provide a complete workout opportunity for all.  Here is a glimpse into what is coming ahead.  Please share feedback and we will adjust.

Events: Fittest of the Falls 2 is coming fast September 7.  There is still time to register and preparations have been in motion for weeks already.  This will be a fun time of friendship and competition.  There will be a few class adjustments Friday evening and Saturday to accommodate the event.

Nutrition Challenge: We will be promoting the Whole Life Challenge to all, which also begins Sept 7.  To kick the event off at 5:45pm on Friday we have a professional nutrition speaker coming to CrossFit Sioux Falls. He has trained athletes at all levels as well as people just starting out.  This is a great way to educate yourself and transform your body.  Plan to attend the FREE (to members, competing athletes, and Whole Life Challenge participants) seminar on Friday to kick off the challenge.

CrossFit Junior Athletes: Summer was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who participated.  It is our plan and goal to make Junior Athletes a regular class on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 4:30pm – 5:15pm.  We may grow the program alongside our 4:15pm class but the intent is a dedicated program for our Junior Athletes.  Kids 10 and up, we hope to see you in the gym – Junior Athletes will begin these classes after Labor Day. (If your child was in CF Kids this summer but is under 10 and want to participate in the fall program please let us know through email and we will try to accommodate

Childcare: Families make CrossFit Sioux Falls strong.  We appreciate you and enjoy your kids in the gym.  To accommodate your workouts we will continue and expand childcare.  Beginning in 2 weeks (August 26), childcare will switch as follows: MWF 8:20am – 9:40am; MTWTh 5:30pm – 6:30pm; Saturday 8:30-9:30am and newly expanded Tuesday and Thursday mornings 8:20am – 10:40am.  Childcare will remain just $1.25 per use yet if you desire extra time on Tuesday or Thursday mornings you will be able to add 1 extra use and enjoy the entire time.

I hope we can expand Tuesday and Thursday offerings to all moms (and dads) in Sioux Falls combining a great workout and a bit of enjoyment time to put an awesome break in your day.

Endurance EWOD: Beginning August 26 EWOD will move back to 8:30am on Tuesday and Thursday.  We will follow it up with 9:30am class as well but in an Open Gym format at 9:30am.  It is one vision that members group up and bring their own workout to challenge each other.  9:30am will evolve into a great community of leaders using the Open Gym format.  I (Greg) hope to bring in some workouts and see others sharing the challenge together.

Sunday Returns: Sunday classes 4pm – 5:15pm Open Gym and 5pm – 6pm CrossFit WOD will return shortly after Labor Day.  Our 1st Sunday return is expected September 8 (day after Fittest of the Falls).  Please follow our in-gym whiteboard AND MindBody scheduler to verify the date and time of Sunday, but September 8 is the expected return.

Intro to CrossFit: Our next session kicks off August 19.  This is a great way to start CrossFit.  1-month of Intro and you are well on your way to CrossFit success.  Start with others on and begin your journey.

Additional Classes: We will continue to monitor classes, class sizes and member needs to add classes through the fall.  We have many options to consider as needed.  We are thankful for your continued loyalty, success and progress at CrossFit Sioux Falls.

There is so much to be thankful for within CrossFit Sioux Falls.  We work daily to offer the best training, knowledge and coaching to all athletes who CrossFit with us.  Our coaches continue to expand their own training base (Casey just returned from Outlaw training, Jeremy is going to at Oly Cert, and al the others study continuously) to better assist your goals.

CrossFit Sioux Falls is about You and for You I am thankful!

Looking ahead yet embracing the summer.



Skill and Strength:
3 Rounds
ME Toes to Bar
10 Russian KB Swings
-rest 60 sec-

 Workout of the Day
(1). 3 Sets 3 Position Clean (Hip, High Hang, Floor)
(2) 10 Min every 30 Sec 1 Power Clean
(3) Not for Time 20 Barbell Roll Outs

10 Toes 2 Bar
Run 400
50 Double Unders
30 Push Press (95/65)
30 Deadlifts
30 Burpees over the Bar
30 Front Squats
50 Double Unders
Run 400
10 Toes to Bar Unbroken