We’ve received a ton of interest in our new Kids and Junior Athletes program. It’s so cool that so many of you have kids that can’t wait to CrossFit just like you. And some of you out there who are not CrossFitters, but can’t wait to get your kids in here and get them moving.

All the Details

We will be starting our first session of CF Junior Athletes this week Thursday at 4:30-5:15pm. CF Junior Athletes is for children ages 8-15 year in age. The first class will be a free trial class for those of you who want your kids to try a class and get a taste of CrossFit. Class is 45 minutes long and it will consist of a warm up and a workout.  We will do our strength and skill work in the warm up.

During this time we also have a regular CF workout going on so our designated Junior Athletes area will be at the end of the gym closest to the entry way.  The class will consist of barbell technique, body weight movements, some gymnastics and endurance work.

The cost of this program will be 12 sessions for $75 for members and 12 sessions for $85 for non members.  To make it easier for you to adjust for life and other activities we will make these sessions last 2-months allowing for up to 4 classes missed with no loss.  If you come to all, you will just re-start your next 12-sessions.

If you are interested in signing your child up please email liza@cfsiouxfalls.com.

We look forward to seeing you and your kids in the gym!