Hey CrossFit, I hate you.  I hate you for so many reasons.  I hate you so much I have even made a list.  So, listen up…

1.  CrossFit I hate you for making me greedy.  I used to be all of a size 38 waist and by doing your workouts and eating some “modern-day Paleo” I lost 5 pants sizes all the way to a 33.  Then I settled in comfortably as a 34.  Rather than be satisfied with being 34, I want the 33 back…and more defined abs…and more strength…and more cardio…I just want more.  And now, I want it easy…I just want it to happen. Dammit don’t I just deserve it?

2.  CrossFit I hate you for making my wife strong…and confident…and empowered.  My life would be easier if I had a wife I could just tell what to do, when to be where, what I needed and it was done.  She is an awesome partner, but a “yes honey” wife who has only my ambitions would be easier (and I like easy sometimes)…I did not have a total “yes honey” before but now CrossFit I know it is even father away and just not gonna happen.

3.  CrossFit I hate you for making me judge America’s mass feeding systems.  I still eat fast food, and often, but I am always modifying what is on the menu.  I am frustrated that we do not just have easy options for everyone just to pick from at places to eat.  I see our society shoveling life out of themselves by not properly fueling the body God gave us to power our life.  And, I fall into the trap myself.  Just this week alone, I had pizza, cheesecake, carrot cake, beers, Cherry Berry 19.6 oz, PeachWave 18.7 oz, Taco Johns burritos.  Maybe that is the real issue with reason #1 but either way, I hate you.

4.  CrossFit I hate you for making me believe I no longer have a chronic disease.  See with the fitness and nutrition habits you taught me, I actually believe I no longer even need maintenance medications and have tapered myself off every pill I am prescribed – 14 pills down to zero.  I am in remission, and now I believe my remission can last 80 years (I think living that much longer would be cool).  And though I feel awesome today, it angers me that you give me this sense of security that I am in remission forever as this disease tried to kill me at 25 and chronic means forever.

5.  CrossFit, I hate you for making me want everyone to CrossFit.  I hate that I wonder why anyone would not CrossFit, at least in some form, somewhere, regularly.  I hate that you make me believe CrossFit is for everyone, every body type, every athlete no matter how athletic or un-athletic, every age whether child or great grandparent.  I hate that I see a good athlete and wonder why they do not want to be even better.  I hate that I see a very de-conditioned person and wonder “why not try?”  See CrossFit can be done anywhere, anytime and with anyone.  Though I needed to join an actual CrossFit, anyone can do it.  The workouts are everywhere and free.  The equipment available.  The space unlimited.  There are no excuses not to CrossFit.  And because of this CrossFit, you make me think everyone should CrossFit.

CrossFit I hate you.  I could go on and maybe there is even some more hate stored up inside I could share later.  Even so, I know there are other haters out there too, so I will open it up for comments…

— Greg

So, now it’s time to hear yours…what do YOU Hate about CrossFit?