1. in God.
2. my kids are amazing.
3. I am better because I married a “Crazy Girl” named Liza
4. that it’s okay for boys to really be boys.
5. everyone should learn to fish.
6. my kids will determine my success here on Earth.
7. South Dakota really is a special place to live.
8. CrossFit is the best way to prepare your body for life.
9. in the truth.
10. life really is short.
11. in America.
12. in doing whatever it takes.
13. who you surround yourself with will have the greatest impact on your success.
14. opportunity is everywhere.
15. that current schooling is almost worthless in work-life application.
16. it’s almost impossible to work lazy out of someone.
17. in the death penalty.
18. everyone deserves a fair shot.
19. I am lucky to be born to parents who love me.
20. I am expected to do much with my life.
21. debt is an evil that zaps life out of people.
22. wise really is better than smart.
23. the free-spirit of your youth should not be lost.
24. Skyforce basketball is better family entertainment than the NBA.
25. a best friend is a sacred gift.
26. my brother is a walking miracle.
27. hunting with your son creates lifetime memories.
28. memories you can take with you.
29. you should defend that which is important to you.
30. in first impressions.
31. and second chances.
32. carpe diem
33. in being late if the “now” is something you will never forget.
34. in the power of community.
35. in myself.
36. and in others.
37. we are expected to do good works.
38. manual labor does not do itself.
39. life hurts.
40. and life is amazing.
41. watching a baby grow to a child is the greatest gift.
42. Dad is the best title (I need to update my business cards ;).
43. my kids are better as a result of my wife’s investment and sacrifices for them.
44. if you sleep 8 hours a night, you may be wasting time.
45. in a good party every now and then.
46. country music is awesome.
47. in being upfront.
48. text, email, IM will never replace the integrity or real of face-to-face.
49. time heals.
50. with the help of all of you, we can get this list to 1000+

So, what do you believe?ย  950 to go…