The warm weather is upon us! We can all feel the South Dakota humidity. Everybody knows they should, so just DO IT!!! DRINK WATER!!!! Take a look at these Reviews of various filters to keep your water clean too.

Every day you lose water through your breath, perspiration, urine and bowel movements. The AVERAGE person loses 10 cups of water every day. CrossFitters are nothing close to average. With that being said, we need to increase our water consumption daily. As we know, drinking water keeps us from becoming dehydrated. With this being said, if you know you don’t drink enough, during the hotter months, it may be a little difficult to stay cool and hydrated. With this being said, having air conditioning installed in your home could help reduce the risk of dehydration. If this sounds like something you want to find out about, it could be worth doing some research into LBA Services website here. There’s no harm in at least doing some research into this, just while you work on increasing your water intake. While you’re researching, you may as well look at Custom Water to hydrate yourself. There’s no reason you can’t look cool rehydrating, with your own label on your bottle!

The common approach is drinking 8 glasses of water a day, is that sufficient? NOPE!! For your body to function properly, you must replenish its water supply by consuming WATER and foods that contain water.

What happens when you don’t drink enough water (dehydration)?




Muscle cramps

Irregular blood-pressure

Kidney problems

Dry skin

20% dehydrated – Risk of death

Symptoms of Dehydration

•Dark Urine – Dark Yellow or Orange in Color: Urine is generally pale yellow to clear when you have sufficient water intake. Dark color or smell strong indicates that you need to drink more water.

•Dry Skin: Skin is the largest body organ and requires its share of water.

•Thirst: Thirst is the most obvious sign that you’re already dehydrated. It is always a good practice to drink more water when you are not thirsty, don’t wait until you’re thirsty.

•Hunger: Most people mistaken hungry is the indication to eat more, whereas in actual fact, you may be dehydrated. So before you have your meal, grab a glass of water.

•Fatigue: Water is a source of energy, gives you a boost in energy.


1. Lose weight

2. Natural Remedy for Headache

3. Look Younger with Healthier Skin

4. Better Productivity at Work

5. Better Exercise: Drinking water regulates your body temperature. You’ll feel more energetic when doing exercises and water helps to fuel your muscle. DID YOU KNOW……? Your muscles consists of 75% water

6. Helps in Digestion and Constipation

7. Less Cramps and Sprains

8. Less Likely to Get Sick and Feel Healthy

9. Relieves Fatigue

10. Good Mood

11. Reduce the Risk of Cancer

So how much water do you need?


Drink 75% of your body weight in ounces.

WEIGHT(LBs) WATER(OZs) 8 Ounce Glass
80 60 7.5
90 67.5 8.33
100 75 9.3
110 82.5 10.25
120 90 11.2
130 97.5 12.2
140 105 13.1
150 112.5 14.2
160 120 15

On extremely hot (over 75 degrees) add 8 to 16 ounces (1 to 2 glasses) for each hour of participation.

For example, if you weigh 140lbs, you should complete your drinking of 14 to 15 glasses of water during the previous 24 hours prior to the sporting event.

During athletic participation, you should also consume 8 to 16 ounces (1 to 2 glasses) for each hour or partial hour of participation.