I wanted to post a quick blog to let everyone know about some things we have coming up over the next several months at the gym.  On a quick programming sidetone, we are in a 2-week testing phase where we will be finding maxes of the main lifts and performing many benchmark WODs.  It’s important that you regularly log your scores daily, but it is especially important during testing so that you have some metrics to gauge progress and so that we (coaches) can modify programming as necessary.  This will also allow you to get numbers for percentage work in upcoming training cycles.  If you do not see improvements over time, you need to take a look at your training habits and your lifestyle habits (sleep, nutrition, stress management, etc), which brings me to my next point.

  • The Zone Challenge begins June 6th.  This is a great opportunity for you to both dial in your diet in the short term but also learn some skills that will help you over time.  The Zone is a great, simple system for managing intake and understanding what you need to take in.  I believe it is superior to Paleo as it isn’t so restrictive, and you can basically leverage food quantity to meet your goals (and, you can still drink beer).  Go ahead and get signed up!
  • We will be having a gym cleaning day and block party/BBQ on Saturday June 18th.  After the 830 class and 930 open gym that morning, we will be doing a deep cleaning of the gym as well as painting and some other maintenance tasks.  Any help from members is welcome and greatly appreciated.  Following this, we will fire up the grill and enjoy the day with some yard games and possibly a ‘Beer Mile’.  All members are welcome to this, even if you cannot commit to the cleaning.  A sign-up sheet will be posted on the main whiteboard.
  • Fittest of The Falls 5 will be held September 30-August 1.  Find a partner and mark you calendar!
  • CrossFit Junior Athletes begins June 6th and we are taking signups for 605 Sports Performance to begin at any time.
  • CFSF golf outing- location and date TBD.


Keep up the good work!