The holidays are over and it is time to get back on track. This not only includes your fitness, meaning getting back into the gym, it also means your nutrition as well. The old saying serves true you can not outwork your diet, no matter what you do for exercise you can not outdo bad eating habits. This challenge is designed to help teach you not only what to eat but exactly how much and when. We are also going to teach you what to do after the challenge is over to maintain your achievements.

The reason you eat what you eat should be for performance, health, and wellness. This for a lot of you is not the case. We eat for social gathering or we may emotionally eat, and we may even just eat to eat. We are going to change all of that. We are going to make your main focus to eat for performance and to frankly just fuel your body better so you feel better. What you are putting in your body effects so many aspects of your life that you may not even know about. We are going to educate you on those issues and give you a great base to continue Zone far after the challenge is done.

We will be taking full advantage of our Wodify system and assigning all of you to a nutrition coach. We will be doing our food journaling and communication through Wodify, you will have weekly homework assignments along with your food journals. Instead of having weekly in gym meeting, you along with your nutrition coach will set up personal meeting times either on Wodify or in the gym to discuss your progress and challenges. The challenge will start January 23- March 6th we will be doing measurements, pictures, and body compositions on the Monday and Tuesday January 23rd and 24th.

I will have our informational packet with all the rules and block information in the gym Monday January 11th and we will have a sign- up sheet in the office to get yourself registered. We will also have a mandatory meeting on Sunday January 22, we will go over the Wodify food journal, assign you a nutrition coach, and go over any questions you may have before the challenge officially starts. You will also be able to do your measurements, pictures, and body composition at that time. I am really excited about this challenge and seeing how it can change your life and make food look completely different in your eyes. This is going to be a great learning experience for everyone. You are going to understand precisely how much food to eat and what you can eat. You will still be able to enjoy the foods you love without being penalized. You will learn to use your blocks in your favor to eat a lot of food, for example 3 cups of broccoli is 1 block or a 1/2 a cup of grapes is 1 block you can choose.

If you have any questions please ask any of the coaches. We will be happy to sit with you and chat about expectations. We are all really looking forward to working with each and every one of you to meet not only your fitness goals but your health with food as well. Get ready for a great 6 weeks of eating and learning. You are going to be blown away by what you learn about food and yourself as well as the transformation in your body and performance.

Cost: $35 for CrossFit Sioux Falls Members

* Non-CFSF members are welcome to join us for $55.