This dish is amazing, especially if you love chinese food!- Liza

Hello there lads and lassies,

This is your friendly reminder that the next meeting in our series of “Practical Paleo” is slated this Sunday, February 12th from 2-4. The 1st hour or so will be a review on how the first 30 days have gone. We’ll talk about the successes we’ve experienced, some opportunities that we have to work on, and a few things we have learned about ourselves thus far. Please also be prepared with your journal ready so we can take a look to see if we can track any patterns, good or bad, that we were not aware prior to starting. We’ll also go over how the next phase will be used to track our progress and how to continue to incorporate this into our daily routine.

The last half will be a potluck in which we’re asking you guys to bring one of your favorite meals from the 1st 30 days. We have the plates, bowls, and silverware ready to go. Just bring in your meal and also the list of ingredients with cooking instructions so anyone maybe able to copy for themselves.

In preparation for Sunday, we will have a sign up sheet for those who plan on attending and what you plan on bringing. We also have another questionnaire that we would like to have you fill out as well prior to the meeting so we can get more of your questions answered as well.

For what it’s worth, I’m very proud of what you folks have accomplished so far. The active participation you guys have shown has been truly awesome. Rather than just go through the motions, you’re really taking this to heart and that has been a true blessing to watch unfold. I can’t wait to see what successes the next step brings your way!

Invested in your success, see you Sunday.