The CFSF April Athlete of the Month is David Burgfechtel.  David has been a member with CrossFit Sioux Fall for a little over a year now.  This guy comes in everyday with a smile on his face.  No matter how hard the workout, he goes at it with a positive attitude.  It has been an awesome time getting to know David and watching him grow through CrossFit.  This year was his first CrossFit Open experience and the coaches at CFSF couldn’t be happier with his performance.

Here is a little bit more about David:

1. What is your background in athletics?

I was a 2 year starter at defensive tackle in High School, and i did track and field and weightlifting in the off season to stay in shape. After high school was all recreational exercise and self taught training. I have done some road races for fun. 2 half marathons, and 4 10ks back in the day, and some obstacle course races.

2. How did you get started in CrossFit?

About 18 months ago I had a hernia, that was caused by being overweight, fixed.  I made the decision then that I needed to do something with like an actual trainer so that I would have to be accountable to somebody. Right about that time a couple of my co-workers and a college friend all joined CrossFit boxes, and they got me looking into CrossFit as a solution for myself. I joined up a few weeks later. 

3. What is your favorite part about CrossFit?

Definitely the community. The coaches and all the people are awesome. I feel like if I miss a week people are gonna start wondering what’s going on, and it keeps me excited to get to the gym every day.

4.  How has CrossFit or working our in general changed your life?

Crossfit has vastly improved my strength and mobility and just overall fitness over the last year. Every day things have gotten easier to do, like flights of stairs and stuff like that.

5. What made you choose CrossFit Sioux Falls?

Initially the class schedule was what put CFSF on the top of the list. The 6:30 PM WOD was going to be easy to get to after work, so that is what I latched on to and stuck with it.
6. What would your tell your before CrossFit self?

I would tell myself to find a box and join CrossFit so much earlier than I did. I love it, and I just wish I’d started sooner.

Members, be sure to say hi and congratulate David as we all work to build the strongest community in fitness. David, Great Job and Congratulations on being our April Athlete of the Month!

— All of us at CFSF.