CFSF Athlete of the Week - Danette Saur

Our AOW for this week is Danette Saur!! Danette has been a member of CrossFit since August and this month just upgraded to unlimited membership. The first time I met Danette was at the Mello’s going away party and she and Connie were partying it up. I thought to myself I am going to love these ladies! Her “care-free through whatever you throw at me” attitude is not only fun, but she really gets after the workouts.

Danette is also attending endurance classes and it is amazing how far she has come. It doesn’t matter what the workout is she is always up for a challenge. Her dedication and hard work is also paying off in the regular CrossFit classes as her times are faster and the PR’s are going up. When you see Danette in the gym be it 5:30am or 5:30pm give her a big shout out and Danette continue to be a ROCK STAR!!

Let’e hear it for Danette in the comments CFSF?