A New Game

Video Game not getting you too far off the couch? CrossFit Kids starts Soon!

Does this picture resemble your child laying on the couch, sprawled out relaxed, playing some high intensity, action packed football…what a workout, great exercise, physical mental and emotional stimulation…thanks, Madden 2013?

School is quickly wrapping up as summer fast approaches.  It is 95 degrees outside, the kids are jumping on the trampoline and Brooks is getting ready for a baseball game.  Summer planning is in full swing for many and CrossFit Kids is gearing up for a summer of activity.  Here are the details:

Intro Session Day (May 23 @ 9:30am): If you are curious what CrossFit Kids will entail, who trainers Tyler and Zak are along with our other staff, would like to see CrossFit Sioux Falls as well as get your sign-up process out of the way, or have any other questions; on Thursday May 23 from 9:30am – 10:30am Tyler will be in the gym ready to assist.  While it is not the official “Day 1” it will expose all to CrossFit, eliminate much Day 1 processing delay and kick June 11 off with a flurry.  Please plan to attend if possible.

Official Start: June 11, 2013

Length of Program: 14-16 sessions (depending on “finale”) running every Tuesday and Thursday with normal holiday planning taken into account.

Time: Tuesday and Thursday weekly at 10:30am – 11:30am.  While class could run a bit over, it is expected you be in the gym at 11:30am for pickup unless notified.

Lead Trainer: Tyler Resch – In addition to coaching many sports at the middle school and varsity level, Tyler is a fantastic CrossFit competitor and coach.  Highly skilled with kids, I have never heard a negative comment about of his mouth.  I am excited he is taking on the course again this year.  He will be assisted by Zak Carchedi as well as additional CrossFit coaches as needed.

Cost: $115 = tax = $121.90 for the entire course.  Sorry, there is no prorating or reimbursement for classes not attended.

Skill Level and Ages: CrossFit Kids is open to all skill levels of kids both boys and girls ages 8 -14 (many 15-18 can have the option of regular CrossFit as well).  Class will be conducted similar to our regular CrossFit class with programming develop for kids and their proper development; this is not daycare.

Please note, there is significant interest in this course (no this is not a sales tactic).  We will do all we can to accommodate yet class availability is limited.  It is expected that your child adapts well in a group setting.  Our responsibility and goals will be to teach your kids proper fitness, develop mental strength, meet new people, adapt well in an active group environment and learn CrossFit from the ground up.

If you would like to enhance the development of your child this summer through CrossFit, please send us an email to info@crossfitsiouxfalls.com AND plan to attend on May 23 intro or 1st day on June 11.

Thank you,