The 2018 Open starts February 22.  We will again be doing the Open workout in class on Friday each week, as well as holding Friday Night Lights heats.  Like last year, 5th week heats will be held on Saturday (March 24th) with BBQ/Social to follow.  If you need to be judged, you will need to sign up for a time slot by Thursday night each week, with the options being Friday class, FNL, or Saturday/Sunday open gym.  FNL heats begin at 6PM.

For everyone wanting to participate this year, we are going to try something new at CFSF and make the Open a team event.  Teams will be comprised of 4 people – 2 Male and 2 Female competitors, with 1 teammate of each gender being RX/Scaled.  Each week everyone will complete the workout individually, and the four scores will be compiled for your team score.  At the end of 5 weeks, the highest ranking team will take the pot.  The cost to participate in this is $60 per team, and all money collected will go to the winning team at the end of the Open.  If you want to register on the CrossFit Games website to see where you stack up on the leaderboard, you may do so, but we are not requiring it to participate in FNL or our in-gym team competition.

Below are details for forming teams, you can sign up your team in the office at any time and the deadline will be Wednesday February 22.

  • With registration we need your teams name, all 4 members, and $60 cash or check
  • All entry fees will go to the winnings pot, to be awarded to the top team after 5 weeks
  • Teams will be comprised of the following (1 RX Male, 1RX Female, 1 Scaled Male, 1 Scaled Female)
  • All workouts must be judged, and must be completed each week by Sunday night.  Special considerations can be made for people who may be traveling over a week and cannot complete a given weeks workout
  • This is open to everyone at CFSF.  Coaches will be participating but are not allowed to team up with other coaches.