Hard to believe, but we are already heading into the 5th week of another Open.  It’s been a really fun year thus far.  The in-gym team competition has brought back a level of daily effort and competitive drive that we haven’t had for a few years.  In addition to this, the influx of new members to our community has raised the bar for all of us.  I feel like many people get the wrong impression when they think of a competitive environment.  It’s not about trying to be better than somebody else; it’s about surrounding yourself with people who operate at a high level and hold high standards-it’s about being the best you can be!  We should never avoid opportunities to better ourselves, rather we should seek out and run toward them.

Back in the day, our Open workouts were done on Saturday mornings.  While we have moved to doing FNL, we still like to cap off the Open with a celebratory Saturday BBQ.  We invite anyone in town (whether CFSF members or not) to take part.  Heats will begin at 11am, and time will obviously depend on the length of 18.5.  Those who want to take part in a heat must sign up no later than Thursday at 5pm.  If you aren’t competing in the Open, you are still welcome to come and cheer on everyone who is and then stick around for the fun afterword.

We look forward to seeing you Saturday!

2018 CFSF “5th Week” Open Competition and BBQ

When/Where: CFSF (3505 S. Phillips Ave) – heats start at 11am.

Heat sign-up: CFSF members can sign up as normal.  Non-members should email casey@crossfitsiouxfalls.com for details.

BBQ: We will have a grill set up, so bring anything you’d like to throw on and any sides/drinks to share!